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"Crochet is an accessible art that comes with a license to be prolific". --Francine Toukou

I enjoy crochet and believe it to be therapeutically relaxing as well as useful.

You can learn crochet in a few sessions (10-29) and use it all your life.

Here's the pattern I use for my crochet classes:

  1. Starting Out

    • Making a chain
    • Joining
    • Single crochet into space
    • Corners and Rounds (st in st)
    • Fastening off
    • [project completed: coaster/washcloth] Time taken: 1-2 sessions

  2. Fancy Crochet

    • Single crochet into foundation chain
    • Double crochet
    • Filet
    • Shell edging (multiple sts in a st)
    • Reverse crochet
    • [project completed: shawl/scarf] Time taken: 3-7 sessions

  3. Using Patterns

    • Other stitch types
    • Forget-me-not
    • Moss stitch
    • Picot mesh
    • Granny square
    • Connecting panels
    • [project completed: afghan] Time taken: 5-10 sessions

  4. Advanced Crochet

    • Other topics as suggested by discussion in class
    • [project completed: student choice] Time taken: 1-10 sessions


I believe in making sure an exchange is mutually beneficial. To ensure you get the best value on my services, I like to negotiate non-package rates on an individual basis, at the end of the first session.

Prices are dependent on number of sessions, subject matter covered, etc.

A usual rate for services in this category is $14/hr.

Discounts are available. Ask how to get up to 50% off. Ask about a limited number of no-cost lessons.

Lincoln Sayger's Lessons operates mainly in Okaloosa County, Florida. In-person lessons outside the county require a travel surcharge.

Learn-together Program

Sometimes, a companion along the path of learning is sufficient. If you need help with something I haven't listed (and something I don't know very well), I offer a special program for that. Subject to my approval (for example, I won't attempt things where lack of expertise could be physically dangerous), I'll learn along with you, and you get a greatly reduced rate.

About LSL

Lincoln Sayger has a bachelor of arts in communications from the University of West Florida. Since 2002, he has taught children and adults in many subjects.

To set up an appointment, send an e-mail to
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